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Your Facilities Safer for Customers and Employees.

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As businesses across America begin to cautiously re-open and re-engage with customers, people everywhere are still nervous about contracting the Coronavirus.  Employees and customers alike want to know what steps are being taken to safeguard their health as they interact with businesses all kinds. 


HouseCheck Environmental Services offers a science-based cleaning and disinfecting protocol that can be quickly and easily deployed to help everyone feel safer about business interactions, and that helps clear the way for more transactions. 


HouseCheck’s protocols are proven and flexible, facilitating the creation of a customized program to fit your facility’s exact needs. 


Customers and employees want to know that your environment is safe and healthy, and the best way to assure that result is to contact HouseCheck Environmental Services for a free, no-obligation evaluation and estimate on a customized cleaning and disinfecting protocol especially for your facility. 

Disinfection & Surface Protection

We will disinfect all surfaces Diversify J-512, a no-rinse sanitizer that effectively sanitizes food contact and other hard, nonporous environmental surfaces. J-512 is a CDC N-list approved disinfectant for human coronavirus. We will apply Bioshield®75, a durable, biostatic and antimicrobial surface protectant that is safe for food contact surfaces and won't damage home furnishings or finishes on flooring, countertops and the like.  

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All clients receive a Disinfection & Surface Protection Certificate, for prominent placement.

Trust professionals whose protocols are science based and who won't make unfounded claims. Call Housecheck Environmental Services for pricing, scheduling and information on our coronavirus disinfection & surface protection services. 

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